There is actually a purpose to this blog

Scott Adams - the writer of the 'Dilbert' comic strip - once described a Mission Statement as 'a long, complicated paragraph demonstrating management's inability to think clearly.' Therefore, I'll not call this a mission statement.

This blog is dedicated to informing civilian Park Rangers about topics routine taught to police officers but almost unknown to most of us who wear a uniform, work alone, and confront potentially dangerous on a frequent basis.

This blog is intended to offer suggestions based on my experience, and on my understanding of Maryland Law. It may be different where you are.

That's my mission.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Now What?

This blog is something I have wanted for quite a while. I have spent a considerable amount of time searching the web, looking for websites devoted to civilian Park Rangers. I have found a fair amount of National Park Service Ranger sites, but nothing pertaining to State and Local Rangers, and likewise, nothing geared toward civilian Rangers.

Having previously been a Law Enforcement Ranger, and having many, many years as a police officer, I have an advantage that newly minted Rangers don't have: a great amount of training and experience dealing with bad people. Things that scream 'Danger!' to me go unnoticed by my colleagues who lack the training I have had.

While I understand why a Ranger I know once told me that she 'wasn't comfortable' with the authoritarian aspect of the job, it is something we have to do, like it or not. It is my goal to provide some advice and information that might make that part of the job safer.

The other reason for creating this blog is the lack of any clearinghouse for 'hints and kinks' we Rangers develop to make it easier or more effective to do our jobs. We spend half our time reinventing the wheel.

So. Those are my goals. I would be very glad for any assistance you might provide.

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